Anesthesia Options

Anesthesia Options

Drs. Schow and Urig at Bonita Medical Center are highly qualified in the safe administration of anesthesia to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout your treatment. We offer many types of anesthesia at our Santa Fe, NM, practice. You and your oral surgeon will determine the right type of anesthesia for you in advance of your procedure. Health history, personal preference, and the type of surgical procedure(s) involved will all factor into selecting the appropriate anesthesia option. Regardless of the kind of anesthesia that is chosen, you will be closely monitored by your oral surgeon and highly qualified surgical team for the safest experience possible.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several types of anesthesia or sedation, including

  • Local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is localized to the area in and around the surgical site. The patient is completely numb in the area where the oral surgeon performs the procedure and remains comfortable throughout the process. Local anesthesia is commonly used with other types of sedation, such as nitrous oxide.
  • Nitrous oxide. Patients who are nervous about their procedure or wish to feel more at ease often opt for nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this type of sedative is inhaled through the mouth and nose. Patients remain in a conscious but relaxed state throughout the procedure. It is often used with local anesthesia.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation. IV sedation is a common anesthetic option for wisdom teeth and dental implant patients. As its name implies, IV sedation is administered directly into a vein. The medicine acts quickly, and the patient enters a sleep-like state but does not lose consciousness. However, one of the common side effects of IV sedation is amnesia — most patients do not remember the procedure afterward.
  • Hospital or Surgery Center-Based General Anesthesia. More complex and extensive procedures usually require general anesthesia in a surgery center or hospital. Patients are completely unconscious under the effects of general anesthesia. This type of sedation is administered by an anesthesiologist.

Anesthesia Options in Santa Fe, NM

Providing safe and effective care for our patients is our highest priority. If you require any oral surgery procedure, Drs. Schow and Urig at Bonita Medical Center will design a customized treatment plan, complete with the best option for anesthesia, just for you. Please contact our practice to learn more.