Dr. Schow in Santa Fe, NM

Meet Brett Schow, DDS

About Dr. Schow Originally from Provo, Utah, Dr. Schow was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by his lifelong desire to help people. After volunteering for a few dental practices and during his general residency, he decided on oral and maxillofacial surgery and has been passionate about serving his community in the Santa Fe, NM, area ever since. Dr. Schow’s patient-focused philosophy helps him provide the best of care to those who visit Bonita Medical Center. He aims to…
Learn about Dr. Urig in Santa Fe, NM

Meet Edward Urig, DMD, MS

About Dr. Urig Dr. Urig has always felt a calling to help people. Thankfully, he had a strong support system to encourage him along the way: his parents demonstrated a strong work ethic, and with his mother being a nurse, doctors were a constantly positive and surrounding influence. Dr. Urig knew he wanted to enter the rewarding field of healthcare. For over 30 years, Dr. Urig has made a difference in the lives of patients of all ages and conditions.…