Cosmetic Specials

    Cosmetic Specials

    As a special thank you to all of our clients, the team at Bonita Medical Center is pleased to provide the following special offers for cosmetic treatments.

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    April 2019 Specials

    $25 OFF Any of Our Clear + Brilliant® treatments
    Plus a FREE laser hand treatment
    and sample bottle of CE Ferulic

    Clear + Brilliant is a deeper treatment (compared to a micropeel) that uses fractional laser technology to address and prevent the early signs of aging skin.
    It is effective in brightening dull skin, much needed after our long, cold winter.

    Clear + Brilliant Perméa is an optimal treatment for targeting dark spots, improving skin tone, and enhancing skin permeability for added benefits of topical skin care products.

    Clear + Brilliant Dual Standard combines both of the above laser treatments, and is a considered the gold standard for skin correction. The Dual is excellent for treating skin damage accumulated over time, erasing wrinkles and even restoring acne-scarred skin. The Dual gets its name from the dual wavelength technology that allows for a surface treatment to target pigmentation and deeper wavelengths that target wrinkles and scar tissue.

    Offer good through 4/30/19

    $10 OFF Skinceuticals®
    Emollience Moisturizer

    Emollience is an exclusive combination of natural extracts and essential oils that make it a rich, restorative face moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin types. This enriched moisturizer features an elegant, gentle formula for smooth application and enhanced permeability.

    Offer good through 4/30/19

    YANA™ Liquid Collagen Supplement
    Yearly Special
    1st Bottle $65
    Buy 2 and get the 2nd for $50

    YANA™ is a liquid beauty supplement rich in collagen, antioxidants (like vitamin C and green tea), vitamins, and hyaluronic acid. All these goodies are proven to hydrate skin and fight wrinkles.

    Offer good through 4/30/19

    Gift Certificates

    Give the gift of beautiful, healthy skin to someone you love. Gift certificates to Bonita Medical Center cover a wide range of cosmetic services to help you achieve the look you’ve always desired. Visit our office to pick up your gift today!